Soho Gallery Frame


Frame Material Synthethic Frame Material
Frame Dimensions 45mm  (W) X 15mm (H)
Mount White Mountboard
Glass Covering 2mm Clear Glass
All  Frames are fitted with backing board and Hangers
Hangers are fitted for both Portrait and Landscape Hanging.
Order Processing Lead Time 7  Working Days
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Do Your Pre-Made Frame come with Glass?

Yes All Our Pre-Made Frames are Fitted With Either 2mm or 3mm Clear Glass

Do Your Pre-Made Frames come with Hanging Devices Fitted?

Yes All Our Pre-Made Frames come with Hangers Fitted for both Portait and Landscape Hanging.

Will I be able to Interchange my ArtWork ?

Yes All Our Pre-Made Frames are Fitted With Flexipoints for easy opening and closing.

How Do I Care for my  Frame?

All Glass Should be cleaned with appropriate glass cleaners and the Frame Should be Wiped With a Soft Dry Cloth.

What is your Return Policy ?

All Our Frames are Made To Order , returns and refunds will only be accpeted for defect and incorrect items supplied. Please Find Our Full Terms and Condtions.

A0 W:1189 H:841 W:46.8 H:33.1
A1 W:594 H:841 W:23.4 H:33.1
A2 W:594 H:420 W:23.4 H:16.5
A3 W:297 H:420 W:11.7 H:16.5
A4 W:297 H:210 W:11.7 H:8.3
A5 W:148 H:210 W:5.8 H:8.3
A6 W:148 H:150 W:5.8 H:4.1
A7 W:74 H:150 W:2.9 H:4.1
A8 W:74 H:52 W:2.9 H:2.0
A9 W:37 H:52 W:1.5 H:2.0
A10 W:37 H:26 W:1.5 H:1.0