Royal Aged Gold Collection


Frame Material Polyresin Synthethic Frame
Frame Dimensions 30mm  (W) X  20mm (H)
Frame Color Gold Black Fine Black Scratches
Glass Covering 2mm Clear Glass
Backing Board MDF Hardbaord
Order Processing Lead Time 7 Working Days


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  • 300X300
  • FAQ'S

Do Your Pre-Made Frame come with Glass?

Yes All Our Pre-Made Frames are Fitted With Either 2mm or 3mm Clear Glass

Do Your Pre-Made Frames come with Hanging Devices Fitted?

Yes All Our Pre-Made Frames come with Hangers Fitted for both Portait and Landscape Hanging.

Will I be able to Interchange my ArtWork ?

Yes All Our Pre-Made Frames are Fitted With Flexipoints for easy opening and closing.

How Do I Care for my  Frame?

All Glass Should be cleaned with appropriate glass cleaners and the Frame Should be Wiped With a Soft Dry Cloth.

What is your Return Policy ?

All Our Frames are Made To Order , returns and refunds will only be accpeted for defect and incorrect items supplied. Please Find Our Full Terms and Condtions.

A0 W:1189 H:841 W:46.8 H:33.1
A1 W:594 H:841 W:23.4 H:33.1
A2 W:594 H:420 W:23.4 H:16.5
A3 W:297 H:420 W:11.7 H:16.5
A4 W:297 H:210 W:11.7 H:8.3
A5 W:148 H:210 W:5.8 H:8.3
A6 W:148 H:150 W:5.8 H:4.1
A7 W:74 H:150 W:2.9 H:4.1
A8 W:74 H:52 W:2.9 H:2.0
A9 W:37 H:52 W:1.5 H:2.0
A10 W:37 H:26 W:1.5 H:1.0