We at The Frame & Art Factory are well respected for our ability to create well balanced works of Art.

Our Expert Framers  have over the years framed many sought after sporting and collectors memorabilia.

This area of picture framing truly allows for our skill and craftsmanship to be put into practice, allowing us to create bespoke frames that challenges our boundaries and cements our position as South Africa’s leading picture framers.

We offer a full complimentary design service, and take great pride in framing your treasured sports jersey or collectors memorabilia. We offer various depths to the box build ups ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm.

Cape Town is the creative framing centre of South Africa and we are lucky to be situated in the heart of Cape Town’s design district Woodstock. This allows us to be at forefront of picture framing trends in Africa, bringing creative ingenuity to all our picture framing projects.

We take full advantage of our position and continuously aim in creating truly unique custom frames especially within the area of Sport Jersey and memorabilia framing. We frame anything from medals to guitars to some really funky designed framed objects.

We are proud to be South Africa’s premiere picture framing partner and look forward to framing your prized collector’s item.